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Kravitz & Verna LLC is a boutique law firm based in New York City focusing on advertising and promotions law, intellectual property protection and licensing, data collection and use, e-commerce, arts and entertainment. We represent a wide array of businesses: small and large, domestic and international. We work effectively with business owners, senior executives, creative people, middle managers, and corporate counsel. We offer practical legal advice, the benefits of experience and strategic focus, and innovative approaches to the needs of modern business.

Our team of attorneys has over 40 years experience in advising businesses on how to protect intellectual property, raise its value and do business.


Robin Rae Kravitz, Esq.

Robin Rae Kravitz, Esq., is a founding member of Kravitz & Verna LLC, a boutique law practice focusing on the many aspects of advertising and promotions law, intellectual property protection and licensing, sweepstakes and contests, premiums, loyalty programs, CRM, data[…]

New York City Trademark Lawyer

Anthony M. Verna III, Esq.

Anthony M. Verna III, Esq., member, Kravitz & Verna LLC, is a member of the NY and NJ bars. Anthony Verna started his own practice in trademark, copyright and entertainment law in New York City after working as an intellectual[…]

Trademark Law FAQ

What is a Trademark? A trademark is any set of words or a design that identifies goods or services with a particular origin. This origin is usually the company that makes the goods or provides the services. The goods or[…]

Applications and Registrations

Step One: Search for Trademarks Your name is what you want to protect. Your name is central to you and your business. It represents you. It represents the quality that you and your products stand for. That name, however, might[…]

Trademark Monitoring

Monitor Your Trademarks One responsibility trademark owners neglect often is to monitor trademarks.¬† This is probably due to a lack of understanding about the trademark application and registration process. During (and, hopefully, before) the trademark application process, a trademark is[…]

Trademark Disputes

Our attorneys are recognized as knowledgeable in trademark disputes. ¬†Anthony Verna teaches Continuing Legal Education classes to other lawyers about the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. What is the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board? The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board[…]